From the conception and script to the finished product – in every possible format
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Our own Productions
We offer production services from concept development up to the finished product to make sure the director alongside his artistic and technical team can get the most out of every shooting. We assist in the completion of the project on a technical level and we clarify all kinds of matters in relation to authors' rights.
As a production partner based in Switzerland, we calculate costs in Switzerland, set the shooting schedule, find the shooting locations, take care of the required licenses or permissions and carry out part of your project or in its entirety.
Commercial Advertisements
More and more companies are aware of the importance of commercial advertisements with which they can represent their image. The visual representation of this type of film allows the client or the target group to quickly become familiar with the subject. They are very useful for conveying a positive image in a short space of time. Furthermore the credibility of acompany can be optimized due to a successful commercial campaign. Our cooperations with various artists in Switzerland and abroad qualify us in offering you the best films and videos for a fair price.
Music Videos
Cinema quality music videos! A good music video gives each song a positive impact and connects the artist with the song on a visual level. We plan the entire music video with each artist, since each artist undoubtedly brings his personal flair and essence to the product . We enjoy experimenting with innovative techniques which makes every music video original and give it higher value.
Location Scouting
Switzerland has a lot to offer! We support you in finding the appropriate locations and organizing everything you need for filming. Our country offers varied locations for filming, for example: Historical or modern neighborhoods, single-family houses- settlements and residential areas, towns, farms and commercial companies, leisure areas, cultural centers and museums, hiking areas and ski. Various landscapes: Lakes, rivers, mountains. Numerous touristic infrastructures such as hotels, chalets, funiculars, cable cars and boats.